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Welcome to Black Horse Miniature Schnauzer Page DOCK OR NOT TO DOCK. I recently have changed my views on docking tails on our beloved Schnauzers. Don't worry, though, I will still dock, but I want to give you my own personal perspective, plus I will even offer a small discount on the price of your puppy if you choose NATURAL!!

I, like most of you reading this, always preferred docked tails, after all, that is what we grew up with, that is what we are used to, and the thought of a tail on a schnauzer does not sound appealing. Well I am hear to tell you, we were wrong! I recently purchased a new boy for our program from a breeder who never docks tails. What a JOY this tail has been! The breeder came to my home, with 4 schnauzers in her van, all had little flags that curl up over their backs. When they run they look like our old cycles with the big whip flag on them! Remember? OH SO CUTE! I included a bunch of pictures of the joyess tails! This wonderful breeder who introduced me to tails shave them up til about 5 inches from the top... leaving long hair on the end. OH MY GOSH SO CUTE! Flags

You can google lots of information on the risks of docking. All the do..and shouldn't do... controversies and medical information concerning docking. I won't bore you here. I simply wanted to be an advocate for all my future puppies without tails, and the ones who get to keep theirs! I am hoping that keeping natural tails will become a trend in the USA instead of the rarity! Let me tell you, I am in LOVE with Dexter's Tail... his little black flag..and I hope you will consider keeping your babies tail as well.

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