Welcome! To get you started view our viral video! This is Annie and one of our big foot manx kittens.

Let us make your schnauzer dreams come true!!


Black Horse Miniature Schnauzers
 Our price is $2000. Included vet check, everything you need to start, 30 days health insurance, age appropriate vaccines and worming. We genetic test our parents. 


Text now to be on waiting list! It's FREE with zero obligation!


Dock or not to dock, that is the question. We offer natural and docked upon request.


Is it time for your new baby?



PLEASE READ. All good things come to people willing to wait. We have puppies about every 8-11 weeks. I have no application process. That sounds bad, but they get deposited on right at birth, so it gives us 8 weeks to feel comfortable with each other. More often than not we know each other much longer! I keep the deposit low at only $100 so that if I find out your not a great home I can refund you. For the record, all my puppy parents are awesome and I have never felt the need to refund. Keep texting and checking!


We do not list puppies on this site. Good things come to people who wait so get on the waiting list! But you never know We might have some puppies due so Keep texting and checking! We also started a partnership program which places girls across Washington state with trusted friends. They own, house and love these girls and allows us together to offer more puppies! Since all our dogs live in our home we have a limit. This way it expands our program! Same lifetime guarantees apply! WE USE EMBARK TO GENETICALLY TEST ALL OUR BREEDING DOGS.

            Text or call:  360-820-9697         Contact Us

Black Horse
Our Dogs


To see puppy adoption information keep scrolling. Questions can be answered almost immediately by text. Don't forget to ask me for references! You will find Prices and contract info below.

ABOUT US: I have never really enjoyed serious web sites. So I'm keeping mine light and unprofessional. The serious stuff we can talk about one on one. So enjoy!

These are my personal rulers and friends. My blessings with beards...the bearded wonders. We live on a small Arabian horse farm in the great Pacific Northwest. On the bottom of this page are pictures of puppies that have been born here. I strive to get to know each of you before you come to adopt your baby. Since most are sold within days of birth, we have 8 weeks, or in some cases much longer, for texting (or email, phone) questions and exchanging pictures etc. I'm blessed to have made great ongoing acquaintances with my babies parents.

I worked as a certified dog trainer/behaviorist for years, so advice and training tips are free for life! I also make it policy to ALWAYS take any of my puppies back, no matter what age, what health condition under any circumstances. I do not breed my beloved puppies to see them ever homeless. I know things happen in life. I embark test and My babies come with extended genetic health guarantees. I also offer free insurance through Trupanion for 30 days. I take my job seriously. Enjoy the pictures!



Archie our champion bred fancy boy! He brings with him traditional colors and has added quality to our pet line.



Reggie! One of out husbands for ALL our girls. Purchased from unrelated like minded breeder. 100% tested clear of anything genetic before purchase. Isn't he a doll?

Panda is our multi champion bred female. Sporting multiple AKC Champions and a best in show champion in the first four generations. She adds the pretty to our pet line. Her first breeding will be in the fall of 2023. Will consider breeders interest for these. She lives with my best friend Terri!


Shiloh is the best protector we have. Her singing makes us laugh daily. 



Marlo is part of our partnership program and lives on a farm with my friend Brenna just up the road!

Ruby's nickname is squirrel. Aka: Super Ruby who can jump tall couches with a single bound.  Super Ruby will have her first litters in 2023. This is the one you want to choose for an agility prospect.



Jema and JJ are a part of our partnership program and live in eastern Washington with our friend Brandi. Can you tell that JJ stands for Jema Jr? Brandi likes a crazy haired dog lol

Lola is with Panda in our guardian home program in E. WA with Terri and Tim. They got hooked too haha.. .


when I cook


when I say they can't have any... lol...

This is our boss. Pickle, who was before the rest. She rules. She is a teenager 


Our faithful protector and German Shepherd guardian Raven. In reality she needs to back up the boss haha!


And last but never least, our second faithful protector guardian in training Barron. We take farm and privacy serious. 

If you copy and paste this link in a different browser you can see A day in my life. WARNING: earplugs needed. haha!




Black Horse
Puppy Adoption information and pictures


All pet puppies up to 12 weeks old are $1500-$2000 

All puppies sell with:

1. Natural ears, tails and dew claws removed unless otherwise requested. We do NOT adopt puppies to people who plan to cut their ears later. I have been through the experience with a doberman as a kid. My puppy was absolutely miserable so it is my prerogative to choose not to put any of my babies through that.

2. Age appropriate vaccines, Regular dewormings and flea control and vet exam. 

3. First grooming/haircut included if you want, but don't forget to ask!

4. Extended LIFETIME Genetic Health guarantee for over 200 things we test for. We will discuss this at length when you come meet me. 

5. Contract, health record, bag of current food to mix with your food choice for easy switch over, and a stinky toy to sleep with. Often I have bowls and other small gifts as well.

At any time I ALWAYS take my puppies back if you need me, at any age and in any health. No questions asked. I also have a buy back policy before they are a year old. I understand things happen in life and I always want to offer a life line for my little bearded responsibilities.... for LIFE.

Ask about our payment plan AND our lifetime support. You get me for life. As a prior veterinarian assistant and certified trainer I have lots of experience and tips to share. You will never be left alone with any issue, training or health wise. We do not sell breeders at this time. we do not register puppies UNLESS You can apply for AKC limited pet papers prior to deposit. Be sure to let us know ahead of time. Cost is $35. Akc pet papers do allow for akc activities besides conformation showing. All my dogs possess akc papers with only one ckc.

Please contact me via email or call/text me at 360-820-9697 for more information.

I always try to work with people and give them the wonderful experience they are looking for in getting a puppy so please don't hesitate to ask questions.

ENJOY THE PHOTOS BELOW! All sent to me from my beloved puppy parents!


            Text or call:  360-820-9697 or email khemostar@yahoo.com or click         Contact Us

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